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Brand: Aqueon
Aqueon Aquarium Plant Food 4.4 OZAqueon Aquarium Plant Food provides essential macro and micro nutrients for lush freshwater plant growth. Also contains kelp extract, a source of cytokinin, to encourage strong root development. The combination of nutrients and kelp extract provides a well rounded mu..
Flourish Advance Plant Supplement 8.5 ozFlourish Advance is an all-natural, biologic growth enhancer for aquatic plants. Its advanced formula contains phytohormones, minerals, and nutrients that dramatically stimulate the growth of both roots and shoots in aquatic plants. Phytohormones are a group o..
ZooMed Betta Plant PhiloRealistic looking plastic plants for Betta Bowls and tanks. Provide a natural hiding and resting area for your Betta fish. Includes suction-cup for easy anchoring/attachment...
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