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Brand: Our Pet's Inc
3 Twined MiceThese wild and wacky mice stimulate the senses andreward cats with healthy play. Fun sounds and texturesadd to the intrigue! Swat ëem, chase ëem! Nine lives' worth of fun. With catnip aromaSounds and texturesCanip Aroma..
Active Bubble BallKONG Active Bubble Ball tempts cats into instinct-satisfying bat-and-chase fun with multi-sensory features propelled by an irresistibly rolling pompom ball. The fluttering feathered tail sparks hunting instincts while the tinkling bell within the pom poms keeps play going. KONG Nor..
Bat-A-Bout Vibez RollerKONG Bat-A-Bout Vibez Roller unleashes a rolling riot of instinct-sparking entertainment with a variety of irresistible features that keep cats playing. Rattling, rolling action invites pouncing with irresistibly fluttering feathers and ribbons enticing curious kitties. KONG N..
Crackles CaticornKONG Crackles Caticorn’s crackle sounds call cats to play, sparking batting instincts for magical bouts of healthy kicking fun. The soft plush body and easy to tousle folds encourage kicking and pouncing play that rewards natural instinctual behavior. This magical friend’s soft plus..
Crackles GrasshopperKONG Cracklez Grasshopper’s springy legs and lightweight body make him ideal for batting and pouncing for tons of instinct-satisfying fun. A bell inside this grinning hopper’s head and crinkly wings keep cats playing while KONG North American Premium Catnip inside promotes play. ..
Crinkle Ball w/ FeatherThe KONG Naturals Crinkle Ball w/ Feathers are specifically designed to appeal to your cat’s natural hunting instincts. The crinkle sound instantly sparks curiosity and the combination of natural fabric, feathers and catnip provide exercise and entertainment. These toys are de..
PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Light Cat ToyFroliCat BOLT is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of fun for you and your feline friends. Hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface and watch your cat pounce, chase and bat at the exciting laser patterns...
SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse Bungee Cat ToyThe SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse Interactive Teaser Cat Toy will get couch kitties moving with a bouncing mouse that's fun to chase. This teaser toy helps fulfill your kitty's need for interactive play and helps you create a bond through active, rewarding play. The rin..
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