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10 Gal. Reptihabitat Desert Starter KitThe ReptiHabitat Desert Starter Kit includes everything you need to take the guess work out of setting up the proper habitat for desert reptile species. Kit Includes: 10 Gallon Terrarium (20' x 10' x 12') with sliding screen top, EcoCarpet - 10 Gallon, HabbaHut..
Critter Cage Enclosure 10 GALMore reptile and small animal fans choose Zilla Critter Cage terrariums thanks to the sliding top screen for added strength, ease of access and improved safety. Zilla Critter Cages feature an escape-resistant mesh top that opens and closes with a smooth slide and can be ..
Zilla Basic Tropical Tank Kit 10GThe Tropical Reptile Starter Kit makes an ideal starter habitat for tropical reptiles. Each kit comes with a Reflective Dome light fixture with a Day Blue Bulb to provide both light and heat, and a Heat Mat for added day heat and to keep them warm at night. The Scree..
Zilla Cage Critter Black 40 GallonOur best-selling Critter Cages with a sliding screen top are now available with lockable feeding door. This new design provides a comfortable, safe enclosure for pets and minimizes the chance of escape during feeding time. The front sliding, metal screen contains a ..
Zilla Desert Starter Kit 10GThe Desert Reptile Starter Kit makes an ideal Starter habitat. Each kit comes with two Reflective Dome light fixtures, a Black Incandescent bulb for nighttime heat, and a White Spot Bulb for daytime basking. The Screen Cover will keep your critter safe and secure inside t..
Zilla Front Opening Terrarium 40BRZilla Front Opening Terrariums provide reptile and amphibian keepers easier access to their pets without the need to move hot lights. The Zilla glass open front natural terrariums come with a realistic foam background, removable doors, locking safety pins, and top i..
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Leopard Gecko Kit 10 GallonThe ReptiHabitat Leopard Gecko Kit includes everything you need for your Leopard or African Fat-Tail Gecko. This 10 gallon terrarium kit takes the guess work out of setting up the proper habitat for desert geckos...
Zoomed Creatures Habitat Kit 3gZoo Meds Creatures Habitat Kit is ideal for spiders (including tarantulas) insects and other invertebrates. Kit Includes: Creature Soil (1 qt size), Creature Cave (med), Naturalistic Flora (small plastic plant) and insect guide. Features - Stainless steel rust proof sc..
ZooMed Juvenile Bearded Dragon Kit 20GZoo Med's ReptiHabitat Juvenile Bearded Dragon kit comes complete with everything you need to get started. Kit Includes: 20 gallon (long) terrarium 30x12x12 with screen top. Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp fixture with 75 watt Repti Basking Spot Lamp and Reptisun 10.0..
ZooMed Paludarium 18X18X36Paludarium - Terrarium with a built in nano aquarium! Features: Water tight base allows you to add a pond or water pool thus incorporating a beautiful water feature with or without a waterfall. Holds up to 4 gallons of water. Front and top ventilation for natural air flow i..
ZooMed Paludarium Habitat KitZoo Med's Paludarium Habitat Kit is a 3 in 1 kit where plants, land and water live. Includes: Paludarium 12 x 12 x 24, Paludarium Filter 10 gallon, Dual Deep Dome, 5.0 Compact Mini Fluorescent, Nano LED 5W, Sphagnum Moss, Natural Wood DÈcor, Paludarium Platform, Eco Eart..
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