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D.E.S. Health-Gard 32oz

D.E.S. Health-Gard 32oz
D.E.S. Health-Gard 32oz
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D.E.S. Health-Gard helps replenish good bacteria, fights toxins, and builds resistance to digestive, respiratory, urinary, and allergy conditions. This liquid probiotic for dogs and cats is an all-natural formula engineered from a blend of naturally occurring microbes and a specific catalyst, which allows the product to perform 1000 times faster than similar products. This dietary supplement stimulates the absorption of minerals and proteins, benefits newborns from delivery until weaned, ensures normal and natural health, and activates the immune system to increase antibodies. The new and improved formula contains 22% more microbes, providing even more good bacteria to boost the immune system and maintain overall health.

As a daily supplement:

give 1 Tbsp. per gallon of fresh water daily.
For lactating bitches: give ½ oz. per gallon of water daily
For puppies: give ½ oz. per water bucket daily
For sick puppies: give 1 tsp. full strength orally daily.
For dogs in training/track: give 2 oz. to water in feed mix daily, 1 oz. per turnout bucket daily, and 2 oz. in mop bucket weekly
For horses: 1 oz daily
When kennel cough is present: 1 Tbsp. per dog 3 days in a row, full strength (orally)

For use in dogs, cats, small animals, birds and horses.

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